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Three Breeders. Three Websites. One Vision.
Welcome to the joint-website of Barclay Farms & Kennels, BGH Rottweilers, & MacKay Kennels!

Here you'll find some of the best Rottweilers on the web, bred for temperament, health, and beauty, and fully guaranteed.

Fully Guaranteed....What the Guarantees Cover
Each of our three breeders provides thier own Guarantee for Congenital Health (covering defects that develop during the pre-natal stage, such as the heart & thyroid), and thier own Hip Guarantee covering crippling hip dysplasia. Along with thier Guarantees, each breeder is also more than happy to provide a Lifetime of Breeder Support, something that every breeder should supply, but unfortunately, do not.

Super-Size Me....It's Not Always About the Frys!
Striving toward true Rottweiler perfection.....drover dog, guardian, family friend: no job too big and none too small for the loving & loyal Rottweiler.

Most breeders frown upon the 'Superior Size' Rottweilers, but it was not a small dog that herded the cattle & protected the master's purse! In addition to these chores, the Rottweiler was also used to pull the family cart into town, and to pull it back home loaded with supplies. It is the belief of all three of the breeders at Trinity Rotts Of Ohio that the Rottweiler was not originally the size of todays AKC Rottweiler, but much larger.

Family friend, devoted guardian. Bred for True Rottweiler Perfection: good looks, loving temperament, excellent health.

Thank You for visiting Trinity Rotts Of Ohio, and we look forward to hearing from you!



Our Breeders
Roberta Barclay, Owner, Barclay Farms and KennelsRoberta Barclay
Barclay Farms
Email Barclay Farms
(330) 898-8387

Julie Bloom, Owner, BGH RottweilersJulie Bloom
BGH Rottweilers

(330) 847-1738

Barb Darbey, Owner, MacKay KennelsBarb Darbey
MacKay Kennels
Email MacKay Kennels
(330) 847-7725

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